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Hi! I'm jazzykurl and I'm really bad at doing introduction thingys!

My username is jazzykurl but some people just call me jazzy, I'm from Australia and I ride to school on a kangaroo! :D... ok so I don't, but I have fed a koala, does that count as something?

Well my first and one of my favorite pokemon games is Pokemon Leafgreen and my starter was squirtle so I have a soft spot for my little squirt ( that was his nickname when he was a squirtle, his nickname now is blast) I quite like Soulsilver and out of all the mystery dungeon games, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky was my favourite and made vulpix and shinx two of my favorite pokemon (team VulShinx Forever!).

I also read lots of pokemon creepy pasta and some other creepypastas/somewhat scary stories too (mostly related to video games)

Oh and a few things like how once in a blue moon I might buy a pokemon card packet or how the pokemono Dimond and pearl series is my favorite in the anime... and try not to say cupcake to much. That's about it~ (sorry for making you read through all of that grammer/spelling mistakes)
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