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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I was having quite an in-depth conversation about this last night with a friend and we came up with the following assumptions:
  • Based on large amounts of evidence so far, Sylveon is based on the creatures known as Sylphs.
  • Sylphs are known as creatures of air, making Sylveon a Flying type.
  • Sylphs are historically only female, meaning that Sylveon is likely to be a female-only evolution of Eevee.
  • This implies that there must be a male counter-part to avoid having to introduce two new types of evolution!
  • As the new types introduced are usually opposites of each other, what could be better as an opposite to Flying than a Ground type?
  • A bulky wall-like male Ground type eeveelution would rival the speedy (sylphs are very fast!) and nimble Flying type Sylveon perfectly.
Thoughts? :D
That actually makes a lot of sense, and fits in with the X and Y theme, both the axis and genetics.