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    If some space-time strangeness landed me in Johto, I'd do these things:

    1. Ask Professor Elm to help me get my bearings; the geography of the Pokémon world is still newish to me.
    2. Find a reliable Trainer-friend of Elm's who didn't mind a wheelchair-bound traveling companion (or even a Breeder who specialized in "service creatures" for the disabled, if such a concept existed here).
    3. With some local help, explore the region for any clues that might get me back to Reality As We Know It™.
    4. If returning proved unreasonably difficult, settle down in one of the larger cities (Goldenrod perhaps?) and work on becoming a Coordinator; contest battles seem like the best specialty for me, judging by the original anime and my favorite Pokémon. :-) I might not become Johto League material, but contests are still fun events where I could meet more friends.
    EDITED TO ADD: I assumed that contests took place everywhere in the Pokémon universe except for the new regions (Gen V and later). Boy, am I embarrassed... I'd probably go for Coordinator training anyhow, even if it meant a lot of commuting between Johto and the regions that hold contests. Goldenrod City is still a decent home base for a traveler to return to!

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