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Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
Well it seems I finally reached Whitney, WTF was that Bibarel o.O I had serious problem there.

For Buneary:
Quilava lvl 24 (Fake Out, Flame Wheel 2x)

For Miltank:
Flaffy lvl 17 (A Thunder wave try but he is faster)
Zubat lvl 16 (Fake Out, but he has leftovers ._. )
Graveler lvl 25 (Rollout, be atracted, but selfdestruct at the right time)

For Aipom:
Crokonaw lvl 23 (Aqua Jet FTW)

Well this was easy 1st try and win.
lol Bibarel? U mean the one the trainer use in her gym? That gave u a problem? LMAO That's the first I evar heard of that. :p

Now, let's get to the gym battle. Mmm, it seems like a good one...and hey, u did it on your first try. Damn. Good job. I've also beat her on mah first try before too...I found her the easiest if choose Cyndaquil. All it takes is Will-O-Wisp. Sadly, I didn't give her Facade...I really don't know what I was thinking when I didn't add that. lol

You can also do with the other starters, but it takes lots of strategizing; like shown in what u did today. lol I also find repeatedly switching in and out a Staravia with Intimidate can help also. >.< It may prolong the battle...but, whatever it takes, right?
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