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    Your Username: Galoria

    Your Rival:

    Partner Pokemon:

    Why do you like Rivals?:

    They each have their own personality.
    They are simply great. This makes them all unique and they all have the desire to find their way in life. Unfortunately no rival became league Master, except for Blue. That make me sad to see that all your rival are so weak against you. But anyway!

    What is your favourite Pokémon of each rival?

    Oh well. It is kinda hard to say. I'll exclude B2/W2 because I havn't done this game yet!

    : Definitely his Gyarados. Since in the first generation this one was really hard to beat, except if you had Thunderbolt. A powerful Pokémon made by one of the most weaker Pokémon ever. Who has excepted that? Since the first Generation, Gyarados can learn good moves like Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Bite, Surf. It can be measured at any of the pokemon with its firepower!

    Gengar. Definitely the worse one! But one of my favorite Ghost Pokémon ever. I thought, when I was a little girl, that Gengar and all Ghost type were weak against Psy moves. But it is because of its Poison type. Anyway! Its move like Hypno' and Confuse Ray made me so mad on battles.

    I see them more like friends than anything. To be honest they were here to be cool with me and not to be one of the most powerful Pokémon Trainer in the world. Maybe because they're from tropical lands? Haha
    I would go for Ludicolo. It is a funny one. It did not pose much difficulty, but it is cool!
    I love its disco dance in Pokémon Colosseum haha

    I would go for Gardevoir. It is a nice and powerful Pokémon to deal with at the beginning of the game. At the end, this one is really powerful if you don't know how to beat it, because of its calm mind. Damn it!

    Simply Roserade. A full grace Pokémon and even very powerful. I liked to take this one in the grass on its baby form. When I saw that it can evolve to Roserade, I was so glad and surprised! A very nice offensive Pokémon.

    Minccino for sure! One of the cuttiest Pokémon ever. This one is aslo very powerful if you know how to use it. But anyway, Cheren don't even know how to use it... :c

    Yep. Chandelure for sure. This one is really cool! Even if it is not really well inspirated, its types are really funny. With two ummnities.