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I guess we are logging, so here goes.

Mode: Hard/Classic

I'm currently on Chapter 14 and have about 22 hours...but that's not including the progress that wasn't saved from losing or restarting saves. I'd say, with that include, I have 24-28 hours clocked it. Most of my time was spent on Parley battles, Challenges, and Para/Xenolouges. It's not so much because I don't enjoy the story (which is rather engaging) as it is because battling is so much fun and I really enjoy the side missions. That, and it's a great way for me to level my weaker units.

Casualties: None

Social Li- I mean Support: ...Too many too count, but Miriel and my Main Unit are married, as well as Sumia and Chrom. Sully and Frederick are also married, and they make quite the pair in battle. Still regretting not marrying Tharja, but the Supports between Miriel and my child are pretty entertaining.

Also, my MU's child is yet another mage! hooray. I immediately reclassed her to a Tactician since I already use 4 other mages in my main team usually, so I threw her a Bronze Sword and...things are slow. Her magic is exceptional, but her swordsmanship is pretty inadequite, and since her mother is a mage as well, the pairing between them makes for some good, albeit unsurprising results. She doesn't pair with her father often, but I'll be sure to change that.

Despite the fact that I was one of the first ones in the thread to get the game, you guys'll probably have the game finished before I do; I've been spending a lot of time doing the small stuff between missions.


Oh, and Quincy, I forgot to answer your question. They can't remarry as when the characters are defeated in combat, they aren't always dead, and usually they aren't. As such, the bond between the two is not broken, and they will remain married.
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