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I always find the sources of the creepy pasta to be the creepiest parts of any creepypasta to be honest, which is why those that are based on something actually creepy stuff within the games, always turn out to be the scariest ones. Because it's something we'll fear more when we play the games after reading them. At least in my opinion. The creepypastas that just take a Pokemon, mutilate them and give an in-depth description of how the Pokemon looks and make the creepypastas all about those, just don't scare me at all. I mean, it's just a desperate attempt, and doesn't make it feel like it could actually happen. Stories like "Come, Follow Me" made me so afraid of stepping into Route 1, even in my Leaf Green version, because what if. The final event of the story wasn't realistic in any way, but I still hated that one step for so long :(
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