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    Originally Posted by Kingtay View Post
    Version 0.18 my pikachu didnt come with lightball
    Did you start the game before updating to 0.18?

    Originally Posted by garubezu View Post
    btw Des, are you planning on releasing this to other formats? like any mobile OS?
    i dont have any idea on how long porting to a different device takes, but if you dont have any plans, its ok too since we can get a larger resolution on 0.19 anyway
    There's no plan to port to anything else. I've only been programming for iOS for a few months so don't know how to do it. That and i'd probably get my developer account banned since it'd be uploading copywrited material which is against Apples terms of service.
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    A Pokemon Yellow remake, using HGSS Tiles, and the ability to obtain all Kanto Pokemon as well as their previous/later evolutions.

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