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Originally Posted by T-Zombie View Post
In the first movie it says that they found a mew fossil and I never said Mew didn't exist in games I just said it couldn't be found without an event. Mew has AMAZING powers and maybe he could travel through dimensions and in a time when Mew wasn't so rare(prehistoric times) a Mew could of been fossilized to quote a pokedex entry "Apparently, it appears only to those people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it." So it could be like the Bigfoot of pokemon and have one foot in an alternate dimension( south America)but it is just a theory and many Pokedex entries state that Mew stays in one dimension.I know that Mew was just a secret pokemon unknown by Nintendo when pokemon just started out and I just wanted to make an explanation as to why Mew is so rare. Thanks for taking interest in my theory.
I always love a good theory, as long as it makes some sense. Theorizing is a big part of any franchise, and if you got any, then you might as well just throw them out there. Nintendo is especially good at throwing loose ends for people to wonder about and start coming up with theories about, so if you have any others with Mewtwo and Mew, feel free to throw them out here :)

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Ditto might have a lot of resemblance to Mew, but if they really wanted to make the story like that, they would of mentioned something, don't ya think? :P
Not necessarily. If they served everything to us on a silver platter, where would all the fun be. Subtle things left for the fans to connect the dots, and this might just be one of those. I mean, all the resemblances are just too much to not mean something, and I seriously doubt it could've just been coincidence. And it would make sense, so no reason to shun off the idea, just because no official source has claimed it to be true :)