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Welcome to the club Delta, what was the reason behind your Pokemon choices?

Also, going to answer the latest topic:

What do you think are some of the more unique Normal-types in your opinion?

Probably those who rely on some sort of gimmick, like Castform and Smeargle. Castform basically takes advantage of the weather to change its type and also power up its signature Weather Ball move, which also takes on the type Castform changed to (Fire in sun, Water in rain, Ice in hail, and even Rock in sandstorms even though there's no form for it). Smeargle can learn almost any move in existence through Sketch, and it's handy for passing egg moves down to most Pokemon, since most Pokemon share Smeargle's egg group, which is Field. Also Deerling and Sawsbuck with their seasonal form changes, which isn't much aside from appearance, but they hit pretty hard and are fast as well. Ditto's transformation abilities can turn it into a revenge killer under the right conditions, plus it's a handy asset in breeding given it can breed with anything not in the No Eggs group.