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    Hello everybody , I'm kinda new here and I have a questions to ask .

    I watch pokemon for a long time.. since I was very young . And I cannot help myself

    Why does Ash always has so .. how to say that "weird" or just not so scary pokemons ?
    - I mean .. he had some good ones.. like Charizard , Heracros , Infernape (I really miss him) and Quilava..
    If i look on his current one .. seriously the only one that "could possibly " get scary is Snivy.. but only if she evolves.

    Why do they make him look like "fool" ? Will he get some good pokemons in season 17 ?

    - So.. Will he have some "scary " one pokemon ? I wish or I hope he will ..
    There is always a pokemon who decides to join him by himself.. but I really wish him to catch some NEW COOL pokemon .. who will be finally as strong as Charizard or Heracros..

    Thank you very much !
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