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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
Repoint the pallete table and expand it. This will need to be done with a hex editor.Then you can select your new palletes and edit them in NSE Classic or OWERE. (NSE is far better, same interface, just upgraded) You cam find the location of the pallete table in one of the ini files.

Each pallete is set-up like "pointer(4bytes)-pallete number(1byte, very important that they are all different!)-11-00-00"

That is all I have, sorry.

OK, this I understand...
I found the palette table... I know what I need to add to it... but I dont know how to repoint it...
the palette table offset is - 083A5158 so its pointer would look like - 58513A08

there are 3 offsets in the rom that have that pointer:

which one could be the real pointer (or are all 3?)

they are all close to eachother...

ok so turns out its all 3 of those... if they all are not changed you get a black map...

but there seems to be a max limit on palettes you can have...
I am adding 6 palettes... lets call them A,B,C,D,E, and F (added in that order)
A works fine for the poke, but changes the players colors to be messed up
B works fine when not on screen with A
C works fine when not on screen with A or D
D works fine when not on screen with A or C
E does not do anything
F does not do anything

I have tried changing the palette number of A (from 20 to 26) and it had no effect

I feel like I need to know how many paletts are in the game so I can search for a bit of that number then raise that number by 6 (although I likely only need to raise it by 2 because only 2 dont work)

I still cant figure out that is wrong with Palette A tho, its messing everything up...

it only hurts when it on the same map... so if I put a sprite with that palette in viridian city... and start in pallat town.. im fine until I walk into viridian city... then I change to neon... ten if I go into the pokecenter im fine again... till I walk back outside....