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Ffion Caera. [Pronounced 'Fee-on' 'key-rah']
Ffion comes from the welsh word for 'foxglove' and Caera comes from the Irish word for 'friend' Although most people call her Ffion, she is not objected to it being shortened to 'Fee' from those who know her well.

Ffion is 17 at the start of the RP.


Ffion is a rather tom-boyish young girl and appears very lithe and supple. Ffion enjoys the outdoors tremendously, which in no small amount ties into her interest with pokemon and her dream of a pokemon-journey. For her size, Ffion can be rather boisterous, loud and outgoing, which often catches people off guard.

An avid fan of sports and general acts of running around like a lunatic, Ffion always seems to be brimming with energy, and can be a slightly overwhelming presence at first encounters. The combination of her small frame and large amounts of energy means that Ffion is often hyperactive, which can manifest itself by making her highly competitive.

Sometimes Ffion can be a little hotheaded, and she deals with confrontation by tackling it head on, which can cause some people to become a little intimidated by her, despite her stature. However that said, she is a very well-meaning individual and she always strives for justice.

If Ffion had to pinpoint any personal weaknesses she would admit that she can be rather rash and impatient sometimes, particularly with people she thinks might be lying, or have ulterior motives. She prides herself on her honestly and self reliance. This can occasionally cause her issues as she can be too stubborn to ask for help when she believes she can accomplish a task by herself.


Above: Ffion, drawn by myself.

Ffion is a small, lithe tomboy with short brown messy hair, roughly cut and usually messed or spiked up. At 4"11' she is shorter than the average seventeen year old girl. She has large eyes with jade irises, and is a little underweight for her age. She has a lip piercing, and a stud in her nose, as well as a tattoo of an acorn on her right arm, which has sentimental value to her.
Her usual attire typically consists of jeans or shorts, with hiking boots, a vest and a leather jacket.

Ffion grew up in Azalea town, a small isolated and rural town in the southern reaches of the Johto region. In the past the town was known for the prized lumber and charcoal produced there, thanks to the forest surrounding it. However in recent years the towns industry had dried up causing a lot of people to move away to the larger cities, and the forest itself becoming far more overgrown and unruly.

Ffion's mother had passed away during childbirth, and being raised by a single father in a working environment no doubt contributed itself to her personality and outward appearance as a somewhat tomboyish 'runt' of a girl.
Gwyn, who is Ffion's father had been a lumber burner in Azalea Town, until work began to dry up. Ffion began to help him from a young age as she loved the outdoors, and with her fathers accompaniment, she was allowed to enter the large, bewitching and exciting forest surrounding her small home-town.

During her upbringing, Gwyn had given Ffion the pet name of 'acorn' as she was small, yet he always encouraged her that although she is small, she could flourish into greatness, just like a mighty oak. Slightly cheesy, but it meant a lot to her, and a few months before starting her journey she got a small tattoo of an acorn on her upper right forearm, to remind her of her fathers encouragement.

Gwyn worked by instructing his pokemon on the process of burning lumber into charcoal, which was a skilled yet tedious job. Ffion enjoyed watching this process as it involved her father instructing his pokemon, and as any self-respecting child would agree, being a pokemon trainer is the ultimate in cool.
Gwyn, out of work was forced to move away from Azalea town, and into a large city where housing was expensive, and his skills as a lumber-burner were useless. Untrained in any other profession, the only work available was manual labor. Due to this, keeping and feeding Ffion with him was not an option, so together they made the choice that it was time for Ffion to become a pokemon trainer, and set out on her long dreamed of adventure.

Filled with mixed emotions of leaving her father behind, and setting out on a brand new exciting chapter of her life, Ffion used a large portion of her meager savings to pay for a flight to New Bark Town, where Professor Gold was accepting new Trainers, and helping them undertake their journeys.

Starter Selection

Starter chosen:
Eevee♀ (Level 5)
Quirky Nature
Tackle, Growl, Helping Hand, wish[egg move]

RP Sample
[Taken from the first post of my character in Pokemon trainer Academy: Gwen C Deallus

Gwen Deallus
Location: Academy Cafeteria

Dear Diary.
Today Amber and I left home.
Dad took us to the docks but mom couldn't make it, typical! You would have thought the woman could make time for pretty much the most important day of her daughters life thus far....
Never-mind. Today isn't about her, it's about me.

We had to get up early, I actually think I discovered a new hour that comes just before 7 am. I think I shall call it 'Too damn early to be getting up'.
What kind of boat leaves at 8 am anyway?

By the time the sun rose, we were already at the docks. Turns out we were early, but that was a good thing as I got to watch the sun rise over the ocean. I've never seen that before, it was very pretty. I used to imagine that one day I would live by the ocean, but my experiences today have changed that.
There is an ungodly noise at all times, the chief culprit of which is wild Wingull. They like to flock around the fishing boats, there must have been hundreds of them at the docks, if I lived here I would never manage to sleep for the noise!
The other annoyance is the smell. I am unsure what causes it, but it's a mixture of fish, salt and some green substance that seems to coat the sides of the docks, and float in the water. Whatever it is, it doesn't smell good.

That's all left behind now though. As I write this it is noon, and I'm sitting in my cabin as the SS Wakesplit spears across the ocean towards my destination; the famous Oak Pokemon Trainer Academy.

Amber and I had good fun looking around the ship. I didn't know that the turbines would be so big! The sailor didn't seem pleased that I found my way into the engine room though... I hope he doesn't get in trouble, I was simply curious.

I know I haven't written in here in a long time... I've been busy with things..
It's funny to think that at one time you were my closest friend. How sad is that, a dairy was my only friend? Hah.
I've decided to take you with me on my trip, and I shall record all my adventures in you. One day I shall give the book to Professor Ajax, I think he would enjoy to read it.

When I get to the academy, the first thing that I want to do is find a good place t...

The scratching sounds of Gwen's pencil was interrupted by a loud murmur from her stomach. She closed the book and set it aside.
"I can finish that later..." she mused.
The abrupt end to what had until then been a continuous sound of writing, caused the Poochyena curled at Gwen's feet to raise her head and look at her trainer.
"Fancy something to eat girl?" Gwen asked, hopping from the bed where she had been reclining.

The cabin was small, with only enough room for the bed and a small table by its side, which was attached to the wall.
Gwen stretched her arms above her head and flexed her fingers, which were a good foot from brushing the ceiling. She grabbed her backpack from the table, swung it over her shoulder and opened the door.

The small Grey and black canine that had been curled on the bed, jumped down and trotted out into the hallway, as her owner held the door open for her. Humans were so useful sometimes.
She walked alongside her human as said human navigated the thin, disorienting corridors of the ship. Nothing interesting happened for a while, not by Ambers recollection anyway. She did find half a discarded chocolate bar, and some unidentifiable soggy substance in a bin, but Gwen refused to let her eat either of them.

Eventually the two of them made their way to the cafeteria, which was actually more of a sack bar. Gwen purchased a drink, a sandwich and a bowl of tinned Poke-chow, and then made her way to a table by a large bay window, which looked out across the deck.
Gwen poured the food into a bowl for Amber, and began eating her own sandwich.
Outside the window Gwen could see the expansive ocean rushing past, and on the very horizon, a thin line of land. She began to feel both nervous and excited at the sight of it.

Poochyena began picking at the food Gwen had given her. It wasn't very good, it was bland and chewy.
After a while, Gwen noticed that Amber wasn't eating her food and gave her the other half of the sandwich. Amber happily ate this.
"you know, you might have to put up with just eating Poke-chow now. I don't know what sort of food they sell in Oak Town."

"Yena!" the small pokemon yapped happily.

"I knew you were going to say that." Gwen quipped sarcastically.

Gwen thought for a while about how life would be different if she could understand her pokemon, but figured that was just something every trainer wished for, and even if it was only one way, Poochyena understood Gwen perfectly fine.

Looking back out of the window at the horizon rapidly getting closer, Gwen decided that it was time they got ready to disembark.

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