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NOTE: This is in no way related to "Who's That Pokémon" in any way.

Guess That Pokémon:

This game is simple. The first Poster posts up to three clues about the Pokémon they're talking about. Your job is to guess the Pokémon.


Poster 1:
This Pokémon is of the Fire Type.
It is a Fully-Evolved Pokémon.
It is a Legendary.

Poster 2: Moltres!

-This Pokémon is of the Steel Type.
-It cannot evolve, nor has it evolved.
-The name starts with M.

Poster 1:
@Poster 2: Correct!

...And so on.

I'll start:

This Pokémon can be evolved by Trading.
It has already evolved once.
This Pokémon is of the Normal Type.
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