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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Skarmory needs a pre-evo more than an evo, because 1) it's already a good Pokemon to use, 2) its total base stats prevents it from getting another evolution, and 3) it's an equivalent to Mantine, who was given a pre-evo, so it makes sense for the other equivalent to receive one as well.

No it doesn't. Magneton was a Base Stat of 465 and it got an evolution. Electabuzz's Base Stat was 490 and it evolves. Magmar is 495. Porygon 2 is 515.

This little tidbit also ruins the chance for Absol (465), Pinsir (500), Heracross (500), and Lapras (535). There were others between 465 and 600 that I saw mentioned but the point is still there.

They have also evolved fairly decent Pokemon in the past. If they want to evolve something they will. Nothing written on paper will stop a Pokemon from evolving outside of it being a Stage 2 (third evolution) or being Legendary.
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