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    Name: Iny Gage

    Age: 13

    Sex: Female

    Height: 4'4",

    Weight: 80lbs,

    Eyes: Blue

    Dorm: Raikou Dorm

    Appearance: Very white, Hardly tanned at all but yet only a few freckles.
    Long light brown hair, About upper back length that she usually keeps tied back. Considering where she lived she currently only owns tshirts and Shorts, doesn't like wearing skirts. She was considered tall for her age for the longest time but Hasn't grown hardly at all the past few years. Hates being called short as a result.

    Personality: Very Warm hearted and possibly overly friendly, Especially annoys her when people dont like her for some reason (Usually for being *Annoyingly Friendly*).
    Her favorite Pokemon type is fire, least favorite being rock.
    At first glance she seems to be very Naive but she actually has a fairly good grasp at what is going on.
    One thing she isn't very good at however is her sense of direction, she gets lost quite easily and has been known to carry a gps on her, She forgot that at home so in result might be a bit clingy once she finds someone who actually knows where everything is.
    While she isn't All that knowledgeable about Other Pokemon she knows quite a bit about her own thanks to her parent's Teaching.
    Not used to cold weather at ALL considering she lived near a volcano and hot springs for her entire life.

    History: Born and raised in Lavaridge town she was the first daughter of two trainers Lex Gage and Martha Cally. She has a 7 year old younger brother by the name of Kyle, They get along alright but she still thinks he is annoying.

    Both her and Her brother are being taught about their Pokemon by their parents. Iny herself receiving a Vulpix egg. It hatched rather quickly thanks to the town's natural hot springs and To her mother's sugestion named her Cally after her mother's maiden name Despite having no idea what that was at the time.

    When she was Nine years old her father took her out into the tall grass for the first time to teach her about wild Pokemon. There she found a Tailow and with her fathers help caught it. Shortly after she named it Tiba. He was a bit shy at first but they eventually warmed up to each other becoming a great partner to Cally.

    On her 12th birthday she received her invitation To Gary oak's Trainer school and begged her parents to go, They on the other hand didnt want to see her go just yet, Used the excuse that she didnt know enough about her Pokemon and they could get hurt, while the true reason being that they just didnt want to see her go. This backfired tremendously as she worked day and night contently pestering her dad to teach her more and more. After about a year they finally caved in and on her eleventh birthday told her she could go.

    They Headed out for Slateport city the next day where they planned on taking the boat there. Right before leaving Her parents gave her a small collection of Rawst and Oran berries figuring that Cally may cause more than a few burns while there and then saw their only daughter off.

    As a result of her parent's teaching She knows well of the Strength's and weaknesses of her own team, although not traveling much she also doesn't know much about other Pokemon, the only ones being the townfolk's Pokemon and the local wild Pokemon. She has allot to learn while here and plans on giving it her best!

    Species: Vulpix
    Nickname: Cally
    Personality: Friendly, takes after Iny very much considering they have been together ever since Cally hatched.

    Lvl: 17

    Ability: Flash Fire

    Fire Spin

    Species: Taillow
    Nickname: Tiba
    Personality: Unlike Cally Tiba is much more nervous, tends to shy away from people he doesnt know.

    Lvl: 16

    Ability: Guts

    Quick Attack
    Double team