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    Name: Heva Azcadelia Erva - Heva, the Healthy
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Country of Origin: Ethora
    Appearance: When you see Heva for the first time you notice her wider and squat build. She short and hearty, but not round, She is usually donned in cloth robes that are either lavender, rose red, petite pink, crimson red or burgundy. Her robes always trail behind her on the ground due to her being shorter and not fitting into them length wise.

    Her hair is a red-orange fiery color, her bangs are often died a variety of colors; most of them being blue, green or purple. Her hair flows gently behind her falling all the way to her midriff just above her rump or backside. She has never cut her hair thus allowing it to become such a long length. Most of the time it is allowed to flow freely but when in an alchemy lab it is tied into a high pony tail as to not get in the way. When casting powerful spells for too long her hair turns into a frizzy mess.

    Her eyes are emerald green but turn to an icy blue when channeling powerful magic. The emerald orbs fit perfectly with her slightly pudgy face which always has a toothy smile on it. Her lips are usually stained with red lipstick.
    Being from the wealthy House Erva -- stationed in Stormguard, Golden Islands, she was taught to always make herself presentable regardless of the circumstances and always has the make-up to keep up appearances. The make-up, herbs, wands, jewels and amulets that she carries can all be found in her sky blue satchel, a gift from her mother.

    Personality: Ever since she was a young girl Heva had always been one to protect other. Her heavier build allowed her to do this; it intimidated others. Despite her build, which makes her looks as if she has an unpleasant attitude toward others, she is extremely nurturing, protective and humble. She's a no-nonsense gal and punishes other severely for lying to her, if she finds out -- she's not good at finding out.

    Heva can't hold a grudge to save her life and can't figure out why people would want to hold grudges. Her mother had always told her 'bitter to sweet' bitter was no way to live. So, she was always sweet.
    Heva is annoyingly caring; always prodding about, asking questions about her friend’s health or if she can do anything to help. She is proficient in healing magic and will cast her magic to aid her friends even when unneeded. She hasn't found a way to control her impulses which is why she travels, or tries to travel, with others that can teach her a better way of interacting with others in battle or social.

    Eva’s socially awkward. She doesn't like being in public and most often retreat into the dark recesses of her bedroom chamber to paint, compose poetry or write small novellas. She doesn't share her paintings or writings in fear of being rejected for choosing to indulge in the tasks. She thinks that she does too much artist wise even though she lived in the Golden Islands, where artistry is encouraged.

    Heva will get easily frustrated if she cannot learn a spell or if her spell fizzles mid duel or combat. This causes her to get reckless and throw more of an adult tantrum.

    History: Heva was born on the families travel to the Golden Islands from the main land country of Ethora. Being born of a ship makes it so prolonged sea travel doesn't bother her. She was the third born out of five children and was the most magically gifted. Her father so this in her and when she turned of schooling age he sent her to school to learn magic, art, alchemy, poetry and literature. Heva didn't like having to go to so many teachers and classes but she knew that it would help her when she grew older.

    Heva began to put on the pounds at a younger age, around either or nine. Thanks to this she was teased and harped on at their school which led her mother to move her private classes held in her home. She would invite the teachers over to privately tutor Heva all the classes she was originally signed up for.

    Once a teen at the age of sixteen Heva had finished all of her school and become an apprentice in alchemy. Quickly she bore of this and hopped to learning about Poetry become a moderately skilled poet in two years. She graduated from her poets’ apprenticeship program at the age of nineteen. She didn't spend much time in public after that. She had moved to her own home with her youngest brother, Earlwen and set up an alchemy lab in the attic. She secluded herself from society and studied alchemy alone until she felt her skills were enough to be considered a graduate of an apprenticeship.

    Once again at the age of twenty-two Heva jumped to another profession. She got a job as an alchemist in the capital of Ethora and studied heavily in magic while she was there. She quickly sharpened her magic using abilities and skill set and became the top mage of her graduating class. Heva specialized in healing and fire magic, and minored in elemental magic.

    She returned home after the king had been assassinated seeing as the houses were going to start battling over the crown. She sat at home for many days after the king's death and witnessed her father's death as well; old age had finally gotten to him. After her father was buried she aided her eldest brother, now the head of the family, to take over the family’s merchant business. Once the business was up and running again Heva felt the tingle of wanderlust gripping her.

    She headed back to Ethora knowing there was something to be done there. She now roams around Ethora as a sells word mage putting to use her powers for good causes. She protected small caravans and villages from bandit raids single-handedly earning her title, given to her by the villagers, Heva, The Healthy.

    Weapon Preference: Heva uses magic and a staff enchanted with magic.
    RP Sample:
    The angry clop of hooves thundered on the road just south of the Imperial City. Amber hair whipped in the wind and arrows flew past the head it belonged to. The rider's mare's nostrils flared filling the adrenaline pumped lungs. The air fueled the mare's powerful legs as each step caused the cobblestone road to crack.

    Behind the rider angry shouts are heard; "Stop her!" "Kill her!" "Get back my jewel!" The rider's brown eyes were hardened at the chase. Her upper lip, pink, was cut and now bled red as the wind carried the drops of crimson liquid behind her.

    The leader was a bandit leader who's green eyes where filled with fury and rage from his family jewel being stolen raised an arm in the air and motioned for the two of five bandits behind him to charge after the woman ahead. The bandit's angry steeds charged forward after the rider sending dust flying behind them. As the two riders broke of from the group of six the remaining two continued their barrage of arrows after the rider. The leader was determined to get his jewel.

    A brown cat, who's own yellow orbs were full of anger, hissed and clawed at the air toward the bandits that pursued. Am'Rose, the rider, pulled two arrows from the quiver that straddled on the side of her mare. She placed one in the grip of her teeth and unhooked the long bow that lay on the other side of the mare. She nocked the arrow on the light colored wood of the bow and turned to face her assailants pulling back on the arrow, the feathers grazed her lightly tanned cheek, she released. The arrow sang for the rider on the right and sheared through the strap that held the saddle in place he fell off the horse with a thud. Swiftly Am'Rose took the arrow from her mouth and nocked it and it too rifted through the air and landed taut in the group. The dangerous steed's hoof cracked the bow in half emitting a loud snap that caused the horse to rear back thinking it was danger, the rider was knocked from his horse and landed on the dirt covered road. She rode on.

    She replaced the bow back to it's place on the side of the mare and flicked the reins, "Hah!" she said to spur the horse on.

    Other: A little current events backstory, please. Again, I have a general idea, clarification would be great.
    Side: I would like mercenaries but either is fine.
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