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Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
well I'd like raikou kinda just asked for entei because I seen it there and it looked kinda cool
I also would be interested in an outstanding or relatively superior dw dratini(either gender as I have a female :L) and ferroseed,vulpix,poliwag

just an update of my dwf's:
Dratini,carvanha,eevee,magikarp,poliwag,golduck,corsola,pelipper,foongus,marill,pachirisu,drifloon,munna,riolu the last two are in their drea balls,I accidentally traded away my last female kingler I have a jolly male if your interested but I doubt it

shiny update:
haxorus,rapidash,umbreon,Metagross,tyranitar and lugia

oh also forgot to mention to have a look in my shop if you see anything you like let me know
Yeah, I can trade those pokes you wanted. Any specific ones with the ferroseed/vulpix/poliwag?

With the Raikou/Entei, I'd be happy with the Rapidash, and maybe in place of the Haxorus the shiny Lugia listed in your thread? That's of more interest to me at any rate, as the shiny Haxorus as said is something I can get.

As for the four other pokes, only dw ones you have that I'm interested in is the Pachirisu (have the others one way or another). I am interested in the EV'd Zapdos of yours however as well as an egg move Shellder, and may be happy with just those three anyways for the four others. You can continue in PM if you wish btw, up to you.
Originally Posted by jamesmikehj View Post
DW Timburr
DW Cacnea
DW Anorith
dw Archen
dw Ferroseed
can i get them all female and potental dont matter pm me if interested i offer other dwf in return
Yeah, you can and I'm sending a PM in a sec (but note Archen and Ferroseed don't have dream world abilities).
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