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Okay so, in previous games we've had tie-ins to religion, somewhat, with Arceus being the God of the Pokemon world, and the creator of everything, and we've also had evolution occurring in Pokemon ever since the start.

With this in mind, consider this: these games are named X and Y.

While X/Y has a lot of different connotations, one of the speculated connotations are genetics. If this is a possibility, there could be something much more deeper here than has been considered before. DPPt showed us "God", Black and White made us consider the truth's and ideals - getting us to think "deeper", and now these games are named X/Y, with a helix on the art even.

This is interesting because in actual real life, there's a big debate between science vs religion, as well as whether humans were created, or whether we "evolved" from other life forms. While Pokemon has headed down that road before due to evolution of Pokemon, this doesn't actually bring humans into question, and even God only related to Pokemon. Is it possible that due to this, it could take the next step and relate it to humans, and actually ask the big questions that weren't asked before? In terms of Pokemon it couldn't really be as controversial but given that Pokemon mainly relies upon Pokemon to centralise the story on... it would certainly be interesting to turn it to humans, and question where we came from, how we came about, as Pokemon seems like it's already been covered a lot, and other than new evolutions, or things along those lines there isn't that much more interesting I can see them exploring with Pokemon.

However with humans... there could be two camps in the games, or even debate/discussion in the games surrounding this, using Pokemon to aid their debates. The "God" Pokemon, and then the fact that Pokemon do evolve - in relation to how humans have advanced genetically, and how people can actually have beliefs in that maybe we were put here for a reason. If it's the former, there could become an advanced type of human in the games, or perhaps someone seeking ultimate power to become a higher-being, through actual human evolution, or if it's the latter, then could there be proof that events in the game are happening all for a pre-determined reason?

If this is the theme, then what else do you think could relate to this in the games? Do you think it could be interesting, or maybe too deep for Pokemon? Is this possibility more now than ever given that these games have a chance to heavily concentrate on genetics, and what makes us who we are, and thus can cover where we came from/why we have become who we are today through research and such. Discuss!

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