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    Wow, how did I miss this topic. Well anyways I have to agree with the points that were already agreed upon that this is a great game. The DLC maps add quite a bit of time to the game. Anna speaking in the French accent is awesome.

    @SnowpointQuincy Reclass Lissa to pegasus rider and make Sumia dark flier because Galeforce is the best skill in the game, also it being a female only skill you are going to want it inherited down the the male children characters. For your Avatar make him into a hero (if he is a guy) so that he can get counter another immensely awesome skill. Also since counter is male only you should have the female children inherit it. Also Kejjel is Sully's daughter not Sumia.

    So anyways I started this game on hard-classic because I'm a good Fire Emblem player and thought I could handle it and it wasn't that hard. Only had troule on the children chapters because only three of them had their parents on my team so all the others had sucktastic stats when they started out because I only went up to S support rank for the ones I weren't using. Though I did grind so I'm gonna come back and hard-classic without grinding.

    So I just started my Lunatic-casual mode playthrough, I would have done it classic but because of the difficulty to keep everyone alive and the fact I meant for this file to be my female Avatar file. I wanted to keep everyone alive so I could get their supports. Also it is great to be on casual because everyone that I don't plan on using is a free meat shield! I'm such a horrible person. But I am grinding on this file too so I'm probably going to come back and play Lunatic-classic with no grinding after my Hard-classic with no grinding playthrough. Then I'll take on Lunatic+, that will probably rip me to shreds. Also practically everyone on my team is a meat shield because my only damage dealers are Chrom and Avatar sparingly, and Frederick. I'm probably going to have Avatar (F) marry Chrom so that Morgan (M) gets Rightful King automatically.

    Also Henry is my favorite character, he is all around pure awesome.