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Weekly Pixel Art Challenge: #25 - POLL
Hosted by: Logiedan
Theme: Generation VI - Eeveelutions

Voting Rules:
  • One vote per person
  • You may not vote for yourself
  • You can post which one you voted for and why
  • Critique is really appreciated to help those who struggled in votes!

This Week's Rules:

  • Canvas Size: 96x96
  • Palette Requirements: 24 colours max.
  • Transparency: Optional (WILL NOT COUNT AS A COLOUR)
  • Animation: None
  • Other: N/A
List of contestants:
NOTE: This is in no particular order or related to the order of entries below.

IceyPinkLemons, Fenneking, Chesu, blackmoonflower, Retribution, kinataki, Inferna


1. Minareon (Min-air-ee-on)

Type: Ground
Its long tail acts as a metal detector and can easily discover gems. It burrows underground with its mighty claws.

2. Inviseon (In-viz-ee-on)

Type: Ghost
Evolution Method: Faint an Eevee in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town

3. Lepideon (Leh-pid-ee-on)

Type: Bug

4. Necteon (Nek-tee-on)

Type: Bug

5. Wyvereon (Why-vur-ee-on)

Type: Dragon
Evolution Method: Evolve Eevee on top of Dragon Peak, a mystical mountain of dragons.
Its wings are not capable of allowing it flight. The feelers on its nose are used to sense wind direction though.

6. Wispeon (Wis-pee-on)

Type: Ghost

7. Ghasteon (Gas-tee-on)

Type: Ghost

If I forgot any details or did something wrong to your entries, please PM me. Anything to say about the format for WPC and the polls can be discussed in the Pixel Art General Discussion thread.