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Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
Well it seems I already won Morty.

I used Feraligatr lvl 36 with Bite to kill all of his pokemons.

Haunter didn't do anything.
Kill Misdreavus and if she make your Sp.Def fell switch after kill her.
Sacrifice a weak pokemon.
Put Feraligatr on field again.
Get hurt by a T-Bolt and lose half HP but bite does the same on him.
Aqua Jet critical hit on that kills him xD
Keep with Bites until your Feraligatr is dead or use a Hyper Potion if you want instead of Revive. (I used revive+Super Potion)
If you are using 1vs1 against Drifblim watch out with Destiny Bond.

First try and win. Easy xD
Alright, congrats, dude. Morty was actually one of the gym leaders to give me a hard time. I could never beat dat chump on mah first go...on mah hack, of course. :p

But yeah, Fearaligatr is always da best choice for Morty. lol Bite cause lots of damage to his ghost type...not to mention their low defense. Also, his Gengar doesn't have Levitate, so u could let a Ground type fight it too. lol Just let it hold a Rindo Berry and then destroy the Gengar with Magnitude...or whatever ground type move your Pokemon currently has. :p Also, Drifblim is tricky, when you're just about to finish it slip out da Destiny Bond. lol

Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
How are you doing dude :D
it's been a long time since we last talk
Any way have you done your new hack i can't wait to play another hack of yours
Yo, what's up, Shadow. It has been awhile since we talk, but then always like dat, but we always end up talking again.

Anyways, I'm still working on mah hack...slowly. I'm up to Elesa right now. I might make a vid showing mah progress up...MAY-BE! lol

So yeah, mah release date is getting closer and closer...I suppose. You're gonna like it once it's out. I dare u to try da Challenge mode. heh, it's, like, nearly impossible. >:}
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