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Mark nodded with a smile. "Sure thing. See you around Lucia!" Mark said. He let his other Pokemon finish up before returning them to their balls.

Len hugged Diana once more. "Looking forward to it." Len said as he returned to his Pokeball. He wished Marks next day would be as good as his...

Able snickered at Tyros claim. "Hehe, I'm not afraid of a little bit of fire! I could totally take you on!" Able taunted. She was curious as to why Samuel left as well but he supposed that would be for another time... Able flew over to Mark to be returned to her ball but suddenly got a mischievous thought... She quickly flew over to Tyro and pecked him on the cheek! "Hehe, see ya Tyro!" Able said as she returned to her ball.

Mark and Snype finally headed out of Lucias dorm. Waving once more, he began to head out of the Suicune Dorm. Mark had a bit of time before going to bed... a nice walk around the campus never hurt...

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)
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