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    Around two years ago, I started recording a long series of videos for teaching how to rom hack, mainly centered on hacking Gen II pokemon games.
    Not too long ago, I started re-doing the whole thing from scratch and by now, I have managed recording 3 over 50-minute long parts of this new video series.

    What is this about ?

    I'm doing a video set for teaching people how to do rom hacking. Basically; what hex editing is, what is a rom image, what are pointers, how to transfer data from place to another, how does ram work, what kind of space limitations you've got to work with, how to program (or in this case, create real scripts on your own), how does assembly work and all that.
    All of this will truly come in handy - no matter what game you're working with.

    The series is done by using pokemon silver (u) rom for experimenting, but that's only because I happen to familiar with it and how it works. If you are modifying Pokemon FireRed like most of the community is, you have come to the right place! I wouldn't even be posting this tutorial here if I didn't knew I could help you out. Most of the community don't work with GB/C games and that's okay. This should help out everyone improve their knowledge in terms of rom hacking.

    Although several parts of these tutorials have to do about GB/C hacking, that same knowledge can be used to hack GBA games too. I personally have never done any serious hacking with GBA games, just ones for GameBoy. Yet however, I happen to be the creator of that simple edit of DBZ Buu's Fury in Sideshow Showcase section.

    So go on, spend a little bit of time by taking a look at the beginning of the first video in this video set! The stuff won't be too confusing while being explained properly, that I can guarantee.


    Part #1:
    Part #2:
    Part #3:
    Part #4:

    Part #4A:
    Part #4B:

    Part #5:
    Part #6:
    Part #7:
    Part #8:


    Part #1
    -Introduction to hex editing (and binary)
    -GB/C rom structure
    -Hex editing examples
    -Text editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)
    -Trainer editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)

    Part #2
    -Evolution editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)
    -Preliminary explanation of Gameboy pointers
    -Pointer calculation, repointing data
    -Pointer tables

    Part #3
    -ROM and RAM Maps
    -What does RAM stand for ?
    -VBA's built-in tools
    -Gameshark codes

    Part #4
    -Map Header
    -Event Data
    -Map Banks
    -Basics of scripting

    Part #5
    -Scripting (Normal people and trainers)
    -Bit Numbers
    -Bit Table 1 (D7B7-)

    Part #6
    -What is assembly?
    -Basic instructions
    -Simple asm routines
    -Bit manipulations

    Download the instruction set here:

    Part #7
    -"The World's Fastest Human Counter!"

    Part #8
    -Building sub programs
    -Using tables
    ---Looking for data with a certain index
    ---Checking if a certain value is in table or not
    -Copying data
    -"Invalid opcode"
    My Rom Hack

    Fixing bugs in a ROM hack
    CP of encountered pokemon in GO

    Learn how to hack GB/C games:

    Check my GameBoy/Color hacking videos in Youtube
    -The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations
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