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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    I understand that you're trying to make this hack together with your team and all, but sometimes it's a good idea to have a foundation to work on. Such foundations include a solid story line, a good idea of the game you're going to hack, the first few events (I'd say up till leaving the first town), and what you want to include as features.

    Right now, you're hiring a story writer to write the story for you. In an ideal case, you should already have your story done (or a generalized version of it), and have the talented writer help you develop it further/discuss possible events.

    I think that's why your team's production is going slow right now. There is an internal struggle to determine what this foundation is, and such things don't come easily.
    Once again, I know I'm not part of this team and it's not my place to suggest, but consider it helpful advice for the future
    Yep, what you say is true. Pretty much all of it. The problem is, Acecaldwell01, our leader, is out, due to exams, I think. The storyline... well, "too many cooks spoil the broth", and that is the case here. We've got lots of storylines, and the problem is our leader says he's not too creative. As of now, we're doing all that, and like you said, we'll need the storyline done. That's what's missing in the foundation. We shall need a new storyline, according to the votes right now.


    Please. Else we'll never get this hack down.