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Trainer Seth

Victor ♂ lv. 21
[ Ember, Quick Attack, Smokescreen, Leer ]

Farrah ♀ lv. 20 @ Przcurberry
[ Tackle, Quick Attack, Defense Curl, Thunder Punch ]

Marshall ♂ lv. 20
[ Mud Slap, Water Gun, Slam, Ice Punch ]

Rogue ♀ lv. 20
[ Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack, Growl ]

Belle | Suki

We got through Union Cave with ease thanks to Marshall's Water Gun. Upon arrival to Azeala Town, we spoke with Kurt and saved some Slowpoke bye running Team Rocket out of their well. During that, Farrah evolved into Furret! We took down Bugsy easily since Victor is obviously a Fire type. Then we had another battle with Biology, which was also easy.

We didn't get into mischief in the Ilex Forest, nor did we serve the devil. We got Cut and used that to get through to Goldenrod City. Whitney wasn't really that hard to defeat and we pressed on to Ecruteak City and fought a tree. Turned out to be a Sudowoodo, so I caught her and she was named Suki. At the Pokemon Center in Ecruteak, we met Bill. We went back down to Goldenrod and on the way back, Marshall evolved into Quagsire! We spoke to Bill in his home and got our 4th party member, Rogue the Eevee. After that, we bought TMs to help Farrah and Marshall's moveset out and stopped there for now.

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