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Originally Posted by Wings Don't Cry View Post
I'm currently not that into Vanguard because of Cross Rides just because my out of date deck has such a hard time dealing with cross rides and 10k guards. I might pick it up again if I have loads of money to spare so I can upgrade my deck. If the video game ever comes out in English I'll definitely play that as long as the cards are actually based on the real cards and are up to at least set 7, along with the option to have multiple decks or capable of saving a deck and loading it up later. A problem I had with most of the Yugioh video games.
Out of curiosity, what clan are you playing?

Video game will have up to set 9. Judging on how they handled the Weiss Schwarz game, you should be able to have multiple decks, though I can't confirm from the current info. From the looks of it, packs will remain the same in the game as they are in real life.