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    Originally Posted by Icebloom View Post
    DLC has been "meh" so far. It's cool seeing old characters again, but I wish they had some battle lines aside from just "...!!" The old maps with previous FE music is cool too.

    I think they'll be adding the new Dread Fighter class next week. This week we got Walhart available via spotpass and the EXPonential Growth Map which lets you fight Risen who give a 100 exp after every defeat.
    I think Season 2 of the DLC is supposed to be a lot better. I liked using the exponential growth map to grind my straggling units up to speed and to create powerhouses in the process. I haven't even started chapter 14 yet on my second file because I've been grinding so much. I'm working on bringing Kjelle and Inigo up to speed right now. On a side note I have a strange love for the Assassin class and the stat caps for a lot of the characters as an Assassin seem to love me too. As for the spotpass maps I don't plan on touching them until they all have been released So I can run through them one at a time. without waiting weeks between each map.

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