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    Originally Posted by VydorScope View Post
    How do you get decks/etc in those ?
    With playtcg, at least, you build a deck on and playtcg will sync up and read it in.

    I do enjoy playing the online TCG, though
    I like having the second collection of cards and being able to trade such.

    and for a usability perspective - aside from the glitches and lag from the pokemon online, I like the interface a million times better than I've enjoyed playtcg.
    After disabling all of the animations and sounds, it does run significantly smoother.

    I do come across good opponents every now and again, and I probably play my friends from work more than I play random people.

    It's also a lot of fun to quickly build and test decks just for fun.
    I built a heatmor deck that was really quick and easy to make, not to mention modify - when I felt that the bebesearch interface really held me up when I didn't know the names of the things I was searching for.
    with pokemon online, I'm able to just see and click :D
    and the filtering abilities it has are luf ;3;

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