Thread: [Gen V] OU. My first Rain Team.
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    Originally Posted by SchwarzRozen View Post
    I know this may be an obvious thing, but make sure Politoad is leading.

    It may also be good to get a back-up rain dancer just incase the rain fades away.

    I'm no master at the new 5th gen competitive play (well I guess its not so new nowadays xo ), but those are my tips from the judgement I see here.
    Yea, the Rain backup sounds good. However, leading with Politoed isn't always the plan here. I try to shutdown walls/stalls with Starmie first or get a chunk out of something with Cobalion.

    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Scald has more utility than Hydro Pump on Politoed, as the burn chance is useful. Hydro Pump's low PP is a detriment on defensive 'mons.

    If you don't mind my asking, why Counter on Gastrodon?
    Although lovely 30% burn rate for Scald sounds awesome, it just overlaps with Toxic and Hypnosis (which I removed and replaced with Protect). I might go with Scald again though since I realized I've been having problems with things like Gastrodon and Swampert. Gastrodon having Counter is a gimmicky strategy; it surprises a lot of opponents with it. I recently made Gastrodon a Specially Defensive 'mon and replaced it with Mirror Coat. It helps with stuff like Gengar and Alakazam.