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    I've been studying the rosters from the past three Super Smash Bros. titles for more than 5 years, and since this a Pokemon forum, I will be focusing on Pokemon's reps and how it influences this fighting/party hybrid game. Based on the information I've found, I've set up several theories on how Pokemon is properly represented:

    - Each SSB title adds two new Pokemon reps (64: Pikachu and Jigglypuff, Melee: Mewtwo and Pichu, Brawl: Red and Lucario)
    - It appears that only one Pokemon character will represent the current generation, while the rest are Kanto reps
    - Pokemon gets its reps based on their popularity from the anime (Red is a special case, because they wouldn't allow Ash in due to being an anime character, so they used the trainer that inspired Ash's creation)
    - Event Pokemon cannot be playable characters, as shown by Deoxys' role as an assist trophy and Darkrai as a regular trophy despite being highly requested characters.
    - If a starter Pokemon is going to appear, then so must the other two starters (according to BCVM22 from Serebii)

    Here is the list of Pokemon characters who have been mentioned constantly to be our new reps:

    Unova Trainer
    Pokemon Rival
    Jotho Trainer
    Hoenn Trainer
    Plusle & Minun
    Sinnoh Trainer
    Gen VI rep (either the trainer, Sylveon, or another Lucario clone)

    What are your thoughts on these theories? Who is more likely to be picked as playable status? Am I just overthinking that there's such a thing as a pattern in SSB, which therefore is just a mere coincidence by Sakurai?
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