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Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
why dont you use the tool overworld changer?
The original tutorial was written about 6 months before NSE Classic was released and I believe before even OW changer. Darthatron did a lot of work with learning the structure of OWs and many people, like JPAN and myself, learned how to hex edit them and work with them from his original tutorial.

That being said, I included the original tutorial becuase Part 2 makes a lot more sense when you have Part 1 right in front of you. The is no tool, or even documentation, that people can find on what is covered in Part 2.


I would like to say that last night me and Darthatron began working on a branch from the original routine in order to allow the use of OWs over 240 with secret bases. Hopefully we can get it done, and then you can have both.

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