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    Darkrai-EX variants and Electric variants are essentially two different archetypes. It wold be very difficult to use some form of energy acceleration which involves Dark and Lightning energy.
    If you're looking for a deck which can still use Darkrai-EX with the energy acceleration of Dark Patch, then you could look at Hydregion. It is a stage 2 which allows you to move energy from each of your Pokemon, which allows you to use various forms of attackers. The main attacker is Darkrai-EX but you can use other attackers such as Shaymin-EX, Sigilyph, Giratina-EX and Mewtwo-EX.
    The deck is naturally slower than speed Darkrai as you are naturally trying to set up your stage 2 Pokemon.

    Six corners is an old archetype which was designed around attacking your opponent's weakness with tech copies of particular Pokemon to counter a match up. I'm not sure how it will fair against the new format with plasma storm being in effect.

    General toolbox Pokemon are quite rare, so it is hard to find Pokemon which are universally used in every deck. Most decks run some form of Mewtwo-EX counter as it can be countered by itself and is the most universal attacker in the game.
    Emolga is great for decks which need to setup the bench early for evolving next turn such as a Eeletrik or Blastoise.
    Sigilyph is a good counter to EX Pokemon as it is untouched by EXs due to it's "Safe guard" ability so if your opponent has no counter against it, the game is pretty much over.

    That's pretty much all I can say on that one.
    If you're looking for an electric deck, there is Rayquaza-EX with Eelektrik which is a complete different deck to Speed Darkrai.
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