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Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
I don't think they'll change the whole TM list completely honestly. It would be too hard thinking of new replacements that didn't copy names etc. and it involves quite a bit of effort. I think Gamefreak will just continue the trend of keeping the current TMs and adding onto it, which I personally like. Also, I'd like to honestly see more Water TMs added, not HMs but TMs. The only one I can think of at the moment is Water Pulse and although it has a nice side-effect, honestly we need more powerful ones. :x

As for HMs, I really want them to get rid of Cut. One of the most awful and useless moves in existence, in the games I think you only need to use it once or twice and in battle, it isn't helpful at all. :B
Well there's Scald... It's one of the most used moves in the game.

The reason for not many Water TMs is simple: there are a lot of Water HMs. Two of them are very good (Surf and Waterfall).

I'd like a type change to Cut, make it Bug-type, maybe increase its power and accuracy a bit.

Now, as for my wish... Well, I think it can't be denied that the absolute best TM/HM list of all time was in 4th gen. 3rd gen fixed the absolute fiasco that was 2nd gen, and 4th just added more on top of it. In 5th gen they replaced a few moves with gimmicky and useless ones like Struggle Bug. Now with the 3DS and bigger memory I expect the TM/HM list to contain more than 100 moves, and it would be awesome to see some of the current move tutor techniques to be added as TMs, so that they can be passed down through breeding, but I guess they need some use for Shards...

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