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    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    Sometimes people like to know how and why things work. It's called "learning." And what karatekid552 has done is what we call "ROM hacking." It's what you are supposed to do in the "ROM Hacking" section.

    Might I ask why that tool is better? Quicker, sure. But why better?
    I would also like to add, that at least on my copy of OW changer, I have noticed several bugs. It refuses to let me type in the dynamic option box, so I have to type in the static and then change my options. From there, it refuses to accept the offset I give it, instead going to the first free space it finds before the offset I selected. This means I really have absolutely no control, whatsoever where the images are placed.

    Finally, this is the biggest kicker. You can't repoint more than one OW at a time, otherwise it just overwrites the image space you used for the last one. This is definitely not good if you need to get a large number of OWs resized at once.

    Also, did you even read my post???? Daratron's tutorial is in there so that Part 2 fits with Part 1. I know there are tools for it. But his was written before them. It also teaches you how OWs are stored and work, which is extremely important for knowing how to make things go the way you want when you start thinking outside the box, for example making huge OWs like the S.S. Anne which you cannot do in a tool. None of them will let an OW exceed 64x64, but yet some have to be.

    My tutorial is about changing the number of OWs in total, something that not a single tool can do, (except JPAN's hacked engine, but that is only for FR 1.0).

    If you think I'm being a jerk, you'll understand when, as Darth stated, you actually dig into the code and do some real hacking. Tools are how you start off, but the best parts of hacking, the ones that take you over the top, there is no tool for. Take this lesson to heart. It is one that took me a while to learn, but it is amazing what can be done once you leave the "blockyness" of tools behind. I love them, don't get me wrong, but if they are all you use, your hack will never excell.

    Now Darthatron, let's get that secret base routine patched up. First we need to find where the map header is stored. I'm thinking of saving the RAM and searching it for the header that is found in the rom. Good idea?

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