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    While the new evolution for Eevee, Ninfia or Sylveon, has been announced, no one knows it type or the evolution method. Its also likely that there will be second eeveelution. There has been no single eeveelution, and they have come in all the even generation games, other than gen1. Gen 2 had espeon and umbreon, gen 4 had leafeon and glaceon, now its ten 6s turn. Also, one was strong against the other. Umbreon is strong against Espeon, and the same is true for glaceon to leafeon. So if this is a normal type like most are guessing, there will also be a fighting type. If its a flying type, maybe we will see a rock type since we already have an electric and ice type. If its a new type, there will be a second new type to balance everything out. Maybe the two new types could each get an eeveelution.

    The most likely typing for this eeveelution, however, would be dragon. Now I know it may seem unlikely, but if history repeats itself, it will be another "special type." Prior to generation 4, moves were either special or physical. Fire, Electric, water, grass, ice, psychic, dark, and dragon were all special types. Dragon is the only one to not be in an eeveelution yet. Now, since eeveelutions are introduced in pairs and one is strong against the other, I am proposing that maybe there are going to be two dragon eeveelutions: one male and one female. This is obviously the female dragon eevee.

    In the scans/trailer, it can be seen using some powerful-looking attacks, as well. This may try well be a dragon eeveelution!

    What do you guys think about this theory, and do you have any of your own? Lastly, don't come telling me that you don't like it because it doesn't look like a dragon. Oh well. This is purely my own thoughts and I would like to hear yours.
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