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Alright, guys. Here's my new BKB list. Honestly it looks kind of tight, but if the 3rd place finisher from masters in California placed with 10 water energy, I can do with 11. :D So here goes!!

Pokémon: 14

4-0-3 Blastoise
3 Keldeo-EX
2 Black Kyurem-EX
1 Baby Keldeo (Hydro Pump)

Supporters/Trainers: 32

4 Professor Juniper
4 Skyla
3 Colress
2 Cilan
2 Cheren/N
3 Ultra Ball
1 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Rare Candy
4 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Rod
1 Heavy Ball

Energy: 14

11 Water
3 Lightning

I'm really worried about my matchup against Klingklang decks. Would you guys advise I add in a victini & prism energy, baby Keldeo or Kyurem promo?
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