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C.J Styles - Volcano (Cave)


Ax, ask Magby if he knows where any Druddigon are.” C.J. said to the Axew telepathically. Shame his talent wasn’t mastered yet or he would have asked himself. C.J. was still looking around the cave they were in. Issac was right, it does go further in, could be worth exploring.

Ax, meanwhile, walked over to the Magby, “Hi, my name’s Ax. My trainer would like to know if you’ve seen any Druddigon around here, and if so if you could bring us to them.” she asked politely. Hopefully this Magby would be able to help them, it was getting pretty late afterall.

Yeah, if we go down the cave no telling what we’ll find, but I’m willing if you are.” C.J. said as he looked down the tunnel for any sign of life. He didn’t go anyway just yet though, he was waiting to see if the Magby could help first.

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