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Thought this was different enough from Player-owned Gyms and the More than Eight Gyms thread, but if not feel free to merge them

As with every game, we get a new set of Gym Leaders, as well as a new type order to go along with them. We also see some inventive puzzles that go hand-in-hand with the type that the gym holds, which is another give-away for the type of gym it is (If the assistant telling you, the sign outside of the gym, and the Pokémon used by the trainers inside weren't enough of a give away!). In addition, the environment inside the gym is generally unique to the typing of the leader inside. Is there any particular gym type you would like to see this generation? Are there any puzzles you could possibly think of that would go with a particular type of gym? Are there any aesthetics that you would love to see incorporated?

The one thing I definitely want to see is a Dark-typed gym. It is the one type that hasn't been used for a Gym Leader, and I think it would be a welcome addition. I would expect it to be a very dark and shadowy interior, maybe with thunder and lightning rigged up to be showing up somehow inside. As far as puzzles go, I honestly don't really have a clue what could happen, but I'm sure Game Freak could come up with something!
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