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SUBJECT: Kotetsu Yuukiji
SEX: Male
APPEARANCE: Kotetsu is a shroud dark-blue haired boy with pale green eyes. His skin has often been described as frail and usually carries a blank expression. He is around 160 cm tall which is average for his age (Aged 15) and has a normal build. He usually has a red scarf wrapped around his neck and mouth as it filters most poisons and it helps Kotetsu avoid conversations. He wears plain black clothing that his father gave him. He attempts to wield the sword 'the Anchor' which his father wields but it is much to heavy for him use but it is fine for him if he carries it on his back.
PERSONALITY PROFILE: Kotetsu is known to most people as Livy, as he likes to remain anonymous. Despite this, Team Rocket managed to track him down after some hard work. He prefers to be quiet around people but he has been known to aggresive and loud that it iritates his only Pokemon. He considers Pokemon as equals and he treats them as friends. He is terrified of water and drowning due to a childhood experience. He can't bear seeing people drown and is mentally harmed if he sees someone drown. He thinks that he will not escape the Cube the same person as he entered it and hopes that the other people in the Cube survive as well.
CRIME: Kotetsu was born on the continent of Denfias in Ariandis until his mother and newborn sister were kidnapped by the Republic of Pax. A few years later Kotetsu's father became the autocratic leader of Pax and Denfias plunged into a war which Kotetsu had been raised up by a corporation who were trying to undermine Kotetsu's father. When he was 13, Kotetsu helped contact the Golden Goddess within Pax but had died in the progress while protecting his future-son. He had entered purgatory where he done 'the Trials' where one had to endure their worst nightmare to become alive again but if one failed 'the Trials' they would die permanently. After this he was warped to Japan to locate his future-son. After trying to go back to Denfias, his future-son accidently warped him into the Kanto Region. After being confused by the creatures Pokemon, he had set a notorious reputation within Team Rocket when he accidently blew up the Game Corner in Celadon City. Consequently, Team Rocket has been after him for compensation since. They had nearly captured Kotetsu but realised that he did not have PokeDollars or Pokemon. While they were arguing amongst themselves, Kotetsu jumped out of the building and went into hiding where he encountered his only Pokemon Eelektross. After a few weeks, they had captured him and took him to the Cube because he had no money to compensate them.
POKEMON OF CHOICE: Wurm (Eelektross) Electric, Has a bit darker blue skin than your everyday Eelektross. It's ability is Levitate.
MOVES: Flamethrower, Toxic, Thunderbolt and Grass Knot.
OTHER: If Kotetsu is forced to, he will not hesitate in killing someone or something. A very good survivalist.
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