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Here is the deck I am currently putting together for States on March 23rd.
Let me know what you guys think. Still need to add some stuff but I have to wait till next week.

-ToXic Fields-

2x Turtwig (PS)
1x Grotle (PS)
2x Torterra (PS)
2x Snivy (BC)
1x Servine (BC)
2x Serperior (BW)
2x Oddish (BC)
1x Gloom (BC)
1x Vileplume (BC) **Might add one more**
1x Pinsir (ND)
1x Heracross (BC)
1x Terrakion EX (DE)
1x Terrakion (BW71)
((Too Many Pokemon? Wanting to add Shaymin EX & a Virizion, replacing some.))

2x Energy Search
3x Switch
2x Skyla
2x Cheren
3x Giant Cape
1x Cilan
1x Pokemon Communication
1x Great Ball
1x Level Ball
1x Eviolite (for now)
2x Plus Power
3x Rare Candy
1x N
((Looking to add 2x Virbank and 2 Lasers))

1x DCE (looking to add 2 more)
4x Fighting
10x Grass

I end up with 56 cards total. Room for adding and switching.
My strategy for this deck is simple. Poison, heal, and KO.
Since I will mostly be facing Blastoise/Keldeo this deck is ideal for KO against that deck.
Plus throwing in the Terrakion will help with Darkrai and Eels.


Maybe add some Hammers? Replace some with Tangrowth?
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