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    SUBJECT: Jenna Adams

    SEX: Girl

    APPEARANCE: Jenna is a 175 cm tall, seventeen-year old girl. She wears her long, light-brown hair in a ponytail (Usually with strands of hair sticking out because she fails to tie it all together) and the front of her hair hangs in front of her eyes, with two locks hanging down at the side. Her eyes are deep brown, and are always a little bit narrowed. Being with dragons in the wild almost all her life, she grew small but sharp fangs and she doesn't hesitate to bite if things get ugly for her. She is very slim and agile. She wears simple jeans most of the time, with well-worn sneakers, as they are incredibly comfy and she can move around in them without any physical restrictions. She also wears a black t-shirt with a dark blue bodywarmer over it. On her left shoulder, there is a tattoo of a dragon's head, which she's very attached to. Her Pokémon has a tattoo of the same sort.

    PERSONALITY PROFILE: Jenna is incredibly impulsive, and she is likely to bite anything that opposes her. She doesn't trust anything that... uh... well, moves, except for her own Pokémon. She knows great courage when it concerns a life-threatening situation for another, and even though she hates other people, she will never, ever let someone die without trying to help them. She's also kind of reckless and rushes into battle if needed. She's also cunning and very good in thinking up solutions for problems. She is deathly scared of fire and snakes, as well as spiders, and will freak out the moment she's being confronted with either of those.

    CRIME: At the young age of ten, she began to work for Team Rocket in need of money. Prior to that, she lived in a culture called the Dragoniers, an ancient culture dedicating their lives to dragons. But the members of the group were all considered outcasts, even to the point of being driven into a cave in Mt. Coronet. With little to no money and broken dreams only, Jenna decided she had nothing more to lose and joined Team Rocket, hoping to make a decent living out of it and raise enough money to go on journey and become a great trainer. She was soon appointed a spy because of her agility and wits, but then something happened that would make her change her ways for once and for all. While being on mission in Saffron City in order to help Team Rocket take over Silph and co, she was confronted with a litter of young Pokémon. As they were in the way of Team Rocket at the time, Jenna was ordered to get rid of them, something she couldn't bring herself to. She turned her back on Team Rocket and then fled the scene, with the other troops present at the time giving chase. However, due to a fatal flaw in her escape plan she was captured and thrown into the Cube for betraying the hostile team.

    POKEMON OF CHOICE: Ruby, Gabite (Dragon). Looks like a normal Gabite despite having a tattoo similar to Jenna's on her left shoulder. Her ability is Rough Skin.

    MOVES: Slash, Dragon Claw, Dual Chop, Sandstorm

    OTHER: ---