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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    The Golduck and Sandslash explained the Golduck's name and then turned back to the plan, for the most part Accatosh remained silent, thinking, pondering.

    An Alakazam spoke up, "Though what are the chances they keep documents in there though? It would be with Auron correct?"

    Penance smirked at that, "But he trusts his Sentinels, and with so many around there he would doubt the papers and whatever else he gives Scar would be taken so easily. Scar would make sure not to disappoint him." He regarded Accatosh, "So then, what ideas do you have Salamance? Anything with tunnels? Blowing stuff up? Anything else?"

    Accatosh thought for a moment,"so that's what your planning, an under-nose siege... impressive, for you to successfully pull this off however, and get what we want, we will need to play a tune more unpredictable..." a sly smile appeared on his face, "A siege on the outside, on one of the walls perhaps. just enough individuals to make it look like that is our main force... this would pull a great number of the guards and the sentinels, to the siege wall." he said pointing his claw to the Northern wall, "I think here would be a perfect spot for a siege, then with that distraction your men will be able to get inside the walls with relative ease and flank them, we would choke their forces out, get the information we need, and for the most part catch them off guard, they would have to surrender, or risk splitting their forces in half and being divided, separating them from each other, would make them weaker. that is my suggestion Penance." Accatosh's face had taken a more serious look now. Accatosh hoped that this strategy would be seen as a way to minimize casualties for their side. he was however, weary on how long an alliance like this would last, the one known as the 'Madman' was notorious for many things, he hopped that this 'madman' was interested in being a more permanent ally for the Gold Tribe. He kept these thoughts to himself however and continued listening.