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  • Sweet. I'll start up a JP around tomorrow and you can join in. I'll start it as soon as Ray posts us getting to Stoneyard.
    Hey Typh, I know you're kind of left out of jps due to us planning them over skype, but do you want to get in one? We're doing one of them in the library still but if you want in just send me a vm and I can send you a PM with the address in it.
    I'm glad to hear that.

    You don't need to, but you can. I would put it in the Other section as a minor note. However, I'd strongly advise you to stick with an Ability that Aggron can legitimately learn. My personal rule of thumb for moves and abilities is, Stick to what's legitimate or possible in the core games.
    Okay, I was wondering about that. Yeah, I figured that if Accatosh managed to live through those fights, then he'd do what he could to keep the Gold Tribe alive and such. And Veltra/Veletra? was the only Pokemon I'd seen that Accatosh was likely to live with afterward.

    I think when I did take charge of him, there was the half-thought of killing him off...
    No problem. As for the rest of your SU, it looks okay. Personally, I think it might help if you add some more to the History section at least. A thing about making a character is how that character is unique in comparison to others.

    So, out of curiosity, have you gone back and read the Odyssey RP?
    Yes. With Steel as his Mastery, Juggernaut can already use Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon, etc., every Steel-type move whatsoever that an Aggron is able to learn in any way. The four moves allowed are for those moves you want that are, in this case, not Steel-type, that an Aggron could learn.

    Speaking of which, Aggron can have the Rock Head Ability (in the games at least), so recoil from Double-Edge, for example, would be absent.
    Pretty much. Juggernaut, for example, will be able to use any and every Steel-type move that an Aggron can learn, in addition to four non-Steel moves. So, Steel-type moves like Metal Claw can be used withOUT being listed as one of the four.
    In the states.

    So, about the Type Mastery. Do you understand how it works?
    Hey, Typh! Nice to see you're interested in Crimson Dawn. How have you been?
    I'll guess we'll see when the time comes :P Though, at the rate I'm working through this, it might be awhile XD I can say that there will be quite a few differences from the previous version, though. I'm getting much more organized this time around.
    I'm going to bunny Rutack for the next month or so, but if you aren't back by then I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill him off.
    Hey, Fargona's on its way again~ My school's unblocked PC, so I'm finding more time to get on and make posts now.
    Do you wanna make a post explaining what you did the past week? If not, we'll probably move on to the battle.
    Hey, I dunno if you remember, but I believe Veletra is dead...yeah she died a bit earlier in the RP if I recall correctly. Might wanna adjust your post a bit.
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