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    Well, what better day to create a new CaféMocha thread than March 12? Apparently that's CaféMocha Day and I vaguely remember being a part of that decision, but I can't for the life of me find where that was decided or remember why. It probably has something to do with the airdate of Dreams By The Yard Full and That One Scene but who knows.

    Welcome, shippers and non-shippers, to the most exquisite thread dedicated to CaféMochaShipping!
    My name is Anna, and I shall be your host this fine day. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of the absolutely adorable CaféMochaShipping that comes to mind. This thread is made for squee posts and hint-observing, so feel free to do any of that.

    Take note that anime events are considered spoilers in this thread until two weeks after the original Japanese broadcast. Please conceal them accordingly.

    Shall we begin? Here are a few topics to consider:
    What prompted you to ship CaféMocha?
    Have you picked up on any hints in the anime lately?
    What types of things would you like Ash and Cilan to do together in the future?

    that's not dirty! think battling & catching stunfisk & palpitoad together!

    Mihira Anand
    Journey Optional

    Roleplay Theatre
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