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    Hey guys. I promise this will be my last question for a while (Probably not XD)

    So I've been working on the Bars that go behind the Mugshots during the VS animation for special battles lately. So from what I understand the bar image comes in towards the center from either side of the screen, the two bars for the trainers collide, and then the bars "loop" themselves until the battle starts. I want to make this "loop" longer, so you can add more detail. When the loop is so short you are more limited. It is harder to do things like add lightning since it wouldn't have enough variety in height. This is what I mean.

    This(normal size for essentials)

    Could be more detailed like this(double length)

    So, my idea was to simply double the length of the bar images. They are normally 256 pix long, so I added on to it to make it 512 pix long. I started up the game with my newly adjusted sprites and started to battle my rival who uses the VS animation. The rival's (as far as i could tell) worked perfectly. However, the player's started out on the screen already instead of coming in from the side. What part of the VS script do I need to edit to fix this? Or is there an easier way to get the effect I am looking for?
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