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    Chapter 2

    Professor Elm watched Edmund as he let Machop out of his pokéball. This is what he loved about his job, watching the children get to know their very first pokémon, their companion for the journey soon to come. The joy and awe that graced their faces made up for any struggles that he had to deal with from them. Even if that child was Edmund. Well, he’d have to admit, especially if that child was Edmund seeing as that meant that the child in question would leave soon on his journey. It wasn’t that he was a bad kid, no, Edmund was just a little too enthusiastic at times. And loud. He hoped that having a pokémon would help Edmund become more mature. Elm was pulled out of his musings when heard Edmund exclaim, “I think I’m going to call you Buren.”

    ‘Buren huh,’ the professor thought, ‘that’s a different name. At least he’s happy with the machop, I was convinced for a second there that he was going to throw a fit.’ He watched as Edmund introduce himself to Buren, voice filled with excitement explaining about one thing or another. The day wasn’t going as badly as he feared it would; technically he hadn’t run out of starter pokémon, none of the new trainers had been attacked by their starters, and Edmund... Edmund was Edmund. The only thing that he really needed to do now was go see what Mr. Pokémon wanted. Not that he was looking forward to that, maybe he could dump it on the enthusiastic boy that caused him so much trouble in the past. It shouldn’t be too hard for him to pick up an egg and see what the obsessive old man was ranting about now. ‘It would be win-win for both of us,’ Elm thought happily to himself, ’I get some of the rest that I deserve and Edmund can start bonding with Buren.’

    “Edmund,” no answer. Finally taking notice of his soundings it was apparent that Edmund had disappeared. Where had the little brat gone now? Looking around the lab Elm spotted the child conversing with one of his aides near the front of the building. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, ‘Thank Mew, for a second there I thought that he had gone and left me to handle Mr. Pokémon myself.’

    Walking with a small spring in his step Professor Elm made his way towards his salvation from the crazy old coot. It wasn’t like he could send one of his aides again. None of them would even step in the front yard of Mr. Pokémon’s house after what happened a couple months ago, not even with the promise of time and a half pay. The old man was almost as bad as the eccentric inventor of the pokémon storage system, Bill… Waving bad thoughts away he called out to Edmund again.

    “Yes, Professor?”

    “I was wondering if you would be able to do me a favor.”

    “I don’t know, what do you need?”

    “I would like you to make a simple delivery for me, a colleague of mine has a package that he couldn’t mail to me. All I need you to do is go pick it up for me.”

    “Maybe–” Edmund said with a look of impatience spreading across his features.

    Noticing his reaction to the request Elm quickly said, “If you do this for me I’ll give you five pokéballs when you get back. It shouldn’t take you very long to do anyways, Mr. Pokémon lives just past Cherrygrove. And this will give you a chance to get some battle experience in with Buren; almost all of the pokémon that you could encounter from here to his house should be pretty low leveled. And by the time you do get back here with the package and whatever message my colleague has for me you should have a general idea of what pokémon you can catch and where they can be found along the routes. Once you get back I’ll give you the pokéballs and you can catch your second pokémon and you’ll be well off to start your journey with almost no trouble at all.”

    The mention of the reward was all it took to bring back the excited spark into the child’s eyes and Edmund just about shouted his answer, “Sure I’ll do it ... as long as you aren’t lying about the pokéballs.

    “No I wouldn’t lie to you about that,” Elm said with a chuckle. ‘I am most definitely not lying about rewarding you, just about how much of a hassle it will be to deal with Mr. Pokémon,’ he thought with an inward grin, ‘It’s worth the cost of five pokéballs. Distortion, I’d give you five-hundred pokéballs if that’s what it would take.’

    “Who do you want me to meet? Where do I need to go? What is–”

    Grinning he cut off Edward, “Now, now if you will just wait here a moment I can write down the directions to Mr. Pokémon’s house. And I think that I’ll let Mr. Pokémon handle what telling you what the package is.”

    Grabbing a pen and a pad of paper off of his aide’s desk Elm started writing down the directions. He paused for a second to think of the clearest way to write them out, ‘Head west along route 29, from Cherrygrove City go north till you hit route 30, stick to right side of the path and you should find Mr. Pokémon’s house at the end.’ Before ripping the page off the pad of paper Elm quickly scrawled his phone number down.

    Handing Edmund the paper Professor Elm said, “Here you go, just follow these directions and you should get there in no time at all. Mr. Pokémon has something that he wants to tell me, but he doesn’t trust the phone lines. So be certain to remember anything important.” ‘Not like he’s going to talk any sense at all, it should be fun listening to Edmund’s version of Mr. Pokémon’s rant.’

    “Thanks, I’ll get this done really fast and be back in time for dinner. Make sure that you have my pokéballs ready when I get back.”

    And with that said Edmund turned and started towards the door. Watching the child leave with his greyish companion following closely at his heels Professor Elm called out one last bit of advice, “If you need any help or get in to trouble feel free to call me, I wrote my phone number down on the directions”

    With a grin on his face Elm turn around and went back to his desk, intent on closing the lab early today. He just needed to finish up a couple of reports and he would be done and back at home in no time.

    Time passed quickly for the Professor, after sending his aides home it had only taken him a good hour and a half to finish up everything. Humming to himself Elm started to close up his lab, before remembering that Edmund would be coming back later in the day. ‘Whoops, I guess I’ll just leave him a note on the door saying no one is here and he should just see me over at my house.’ And after he went back in and got some supplies for the message he taped it on the door and left.


    So decided to write it in Elm's point of view for some reason. Hopefully the dialog is better in this, still need to go back and fix chapter 1. I don't really know if I like this chapter or not :/ And in the next chapter we may actually get to see Edmund use his pokemon... in a battle! Going to try and not take a month for the next chapter though, now onto to plot.

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