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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    I came to an argument and a Role Play broke out. :D
    I came to a fight and a hockey match broke out.

    Also, hello! Thank you very much for reserving me a spot, Sapphy! ^_^

    I brought pie! Oh, and a character.




    Name: Yuria Yukimura

    Nickname: Yuu, only within his own home.

    Gender: Both... sort of? Let's just call Yuu male, for convenience's sake.

    Age: 16

    Species: Yuki-onna

    Personality: Yuria, as he was raised and schooled, is about as proper and pure as a young lady could get in the presence of others. Yuu is soft with a gentle smile, outgoing, patient, friendly, modest, and is virtually incorruptible — almost motherly, even. (Of course, also like a mother, he can solve a lot of problems with little more than a hug, and you'd do well not to push the wrong buttons or that hug may crush your spine.)

    Okay, that's all on the surface there. In reality — and blame his worthless, cheating father and relentlessly teasing brothers for this — Yuu is absolutely terrified of guys, especially forward ones. While he tries not to, it's not uncommon for Yuu to get physically defensive, especially when he's outnumbered or already attacked. He's not against fights, though, unless there are better options. On top of all this, he's a total worrywart over his own presentation, and he may end up scolding (or arguing with) himself internally for things he thinks may have looked or sounded weird.

    Going to a private school had its advantages though, barring the lack of social interaction with boys, lack of "street smarts", and not including the higher level of education. He learned judo, for one, over the course of four years, and professionally-taught culinary arts classes made him a master of the kitchen. Alongside fluency in two languages, Yuu excels in basic medical practices and performing arts as well, though mostly theatre. (He plays a damn good damsel in distress.)

    Lastly, Yuu sometimes goes totally a little crazy over fluffy animals; most especially small ones that you can hold in your arms. He'd pet a werewolf, though, if he didn't think it would try to attack him.

    History: Originally, Yuu was supposed to have a twin sister. However, she and Yuu had fused together shortly after conception, and Yuu was born alone with two separate sets of DNA. Aside from a few distinct features (namely reproductive), this came as a rather large disappointment to his mother, who'd already had two boys. Because of this, Yuu was raised as a girl. Girl name; girl clothes; he was even enrolled in a girls' private school for most of his early years. Imagine the paperwork Mom had to go through for that, but she really wanted a girl. Yuu mostly knew what he was supposed to be, but he was afraid of his mother's icy wrath (Yuu never knew his father for this very reason) and complied. A growing distaste for men (starting with his own family) made it easier on him.

    Before he could assimilate into a public high school life, sadly, Yuu had frozen one of his teachers solid. Totally on accident, I swear! But! It gave him a reason to be home schooled for about a year (and, y'know, move so they didn't have a potential murder on their hands), in which his mother was able to teach him everything he knows about his powers. Despite this, he lacks some of the control that he should have over the limits of his abilities, and sometimes his youkai form bleeds through his disguise. In the meantime, Yuu also developed a taste for blue raspberry Dum Dums, amongst many other fruity flavors (not including tutti frutti). His enrollment in the Academy is mostly for dealing with his hatred of men in an environment where he won't freeze them and gain better control over his abilities, rather than an inability to interact with humans.

    Other: Yuu's mother refers to him as a "she", and even only the elder of his two brothers is aware of his real sex. Don't ask how.

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