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Originally Posted by TEAM BLUE View Post
Okies honestly idk where this thread should belong so if its wrong sorry and change it please.> _ <

Ok i started ev training my pokemon so they could stand a chance for online matches and so the question is Can i Train HP for 10 lvls then switch for DEFENSE Another 10 and all the other stats?So All my stats can be equal?Or do i have to just train 1 stat?
Also can i begin EV training at lvl [email protected] _ @
Sorry if you dont understand.> _ <
You can do that but...
If you go this way... you will be obliterated in online matchups.
EV points in all stats might look interesting and it might sound that Pokemon will be great in every aspect but in fact it would mean that all your stats would only have 84 EV points... And compared to Pokemon who specialize in only 2 stats, you wouldn't hold much...
It's best to train only 2 most useful stats depending on what you want to use specific Pokemon.
And EV training can be done at any level.
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