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Yes. I agree. Everyone who's even remotely interested in animation should read about the whole Eisner ordeal. You know it's bad when even Roy Disney has to step in, but can't do a whole lot.

Also, to be clear, I don't have a problem with the use of new mediums, hah. Actually, the rolling in his grave comment was about the cheap short. I thought that was pretty clear considering what just preceded that comment, but ah. Live and learn. Even during the 50's when Disney was going for a more stylish, modern design, the animation quality was still respectable. And everything was clearly drafted with intention. Walt would be fine with digital animation, it's proven people can do good stuff with it, but when the Looney Tunes Show flows better than the Mickey Mouse short (a SHORT. Come on, I make more fluid animations than that. Usually a short means you can pour more effort into it), it makes me wonder where Disney's priorities really are.

But like I said, I still liked it, but it's not exempt from being what it is.

I do hope, though, that they either get better in time, or they're all experimental. If that's the case, I can get behind that 100% because if there's one thing I love, it's a variety of styles and intentional inconsistency.

Hahaha, it's funny that I have nothing to say about the films. The fact that I was talking about one thing while everyone else thought I was talking about another is pretty dang hilarious in hindsight. :D As for the films, they are what they are. The facts are there in black and white as far as box office stats go.

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